IAASE membership is open to all the community ranging from individuals, institutions, universities, libraries, research groups, companies and other organizations who contribute to knowledge advancement in the IAASE fields of pursuit.

 Fellowship in the IAASE scientific and technical committees can open windows of opportunity for your professional growth and development. Through special scientific and technical committees and divisions, and numerous occasions for scientific and technical exchange with colleagues, SCIEI gives scientists the power to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional options.

As a fellow, you may be able to assigned the follow things:

  • Be the chair or committee of the relevant conference of your research area.
  • Invite some experts to join the relevant conference
  • Give the speech on the relevant conference

Organisational and individual membership of the IAASE gives access to numerous benefits including:

  • IAASE Members are encouraged to publish and present their research work in a variety of forms, from events such as conferences, congresses, special sessions, symposia, workshops and tutorials to publications;
  • IAASE Members Benefit from special discounts at IAASE sponsored events, including reduced registration fees;
  • IAASE members furthermore stand to benefit from the variety of social networks in which IAASE is represented, and which can be used to network informally with other members of the IAASE community and the broader academic community;